Egger constructs continuous kiln in Brilon

The Austrian wood products manufacturer Egger is investing in a TC continuous kiln from Valutec. A kind of equipment previously referred to as “the Swedish Monster” by the European trade press, it is the latest timber drying model to be launched by the Swedish company Valutec. TC continuous kilns are known for their high capacity and quality, as well as for allowing the possibility of mixing dimensions.

„When we make a decision as to what we are going to invest in and who from, we look at reliability, quality, flexibility in the project and, of course, also operating costs,” says Paul Lingemann, CEO at Egger Brilon’s sawmill. “The kiln we chose to buy from Valutec meets our customers’ requirements for quality at the best price for us.”

The continuous kiln will be delivered to the Egger plant in Brilon, which is in Hochsauerland in Germany. It has a capacity of 80,000 m3 (34 mmbf) side boards a year and will be used to dry spruce and pine down to a final moisture content of 18 percent. “As well as the capacity advantages of the continuous kiln, we also gain flexibility in production,” says Paul.

Continuous kilns are still uncommon in Central Europe, but in recent years Valutec has delivered several systems and secured new orders. Previously the two Bavarian sawmills Ziegler Holzindustrie and Josef Ziegler GmbH purchased equipment that has now been commissioned, and during the summer two continuous kilns will be commissioned at the Austrian company Hasslacher.
“Just like our other customers in Central Europe, Egger is known for its focus on quality in its processes. Our continuous kilns are a strong element of our offer, and we have worked in a targeted and long-term manner, together with our Central European representative Scantec, to introduce this type of equipment to Central Europe. Now we see it beginning to bear fruit,” explains Robert Larsson, CEO at Valutec.

In a TC continuous kiln, timber packages are fed lengthwise through the zone where air circulates across the zone’s longitudinal direction. This makes it possible to create different climates in different zones in the kiln, allowing the sawmill to mix dimensions of timber to be dried.

The timber kiln that Brilon invested in will be constructed in the autumn and is due to be commissioned by the end of the year.

For additional information, please contact
Robert Larsson, CEO, Valutec, tel. +46 910 87950
Paul Lingemann, CEO, Egger sawmill Brilon GmbH, +49 2961 770231 00
Stephan Lohmeyer, CEO, Scantec, tel +49 89 744 244 10